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Maintaining Your Grid: What You Need To Know About Commercial Electricity Use

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Electrical grids are the power connections between several floors of commercial buildings and the power connections between buildings in a specific area. Your commercial building, for example, may be several blocks long and wide, taking up an entire "grid" on its own, or it may share a grid with a couple of other buildings (as is the case with a strip mall). What most commercial property owners do not know is that you have a responsibility to maintain the grid, and doing so requires some effort. 

Understand Peak Usage Times

Part of maintaining the grid in and around your property is understanding peak electricity usage times. Controlling how much power your building or buildings consume will help avoid the shortages, brown-outs, and blackouts that might result from overuse at peak times. In turn, that helps the entire grid conserve power and avoid repairs related to the over-consumption of power during these times. If you are not aware of peak usage times, contact your electrical utility provider to ask when these times are for your particular grid. Then make simple changes to cut back on power use during these times. 

Upgrading Your Power Boxes

Every building in a grid has its own series of electrical power boxes (or fuse boxes). Sometimes buildings on the same property may share boxes, which are all controlled by a couple of main breaker switches. Whether your building has its own box, or it shares a box with other buildings nearby, it might help with power supply issues if you have the box upgraded. A commercial electrician only needs a few hours to make the switch and upgrade your current box to one that can produce more power and have additional switches for extra uses. The upgrade helps maintain the grid by reducing the potential issues that can occur with overuse during peak times. 

Installing a Generator

When your building has its own electrical generator, your generator will supply extra power when your building needs it most. The extra power boost creates a healthy means of maintaining the grid in your building's general vicinity by adding power that the city's power suppliers cannot. It also means that the generator will keep your grid and your property running and well-lit when other grids and buildings around you may darken for minutes to hours at a time. Your electrician can help you purchase the right generator and install it on your property. 

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