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Adding A Sunroom To Your Home? 3 Types Of Exterior Siding You Can Use For The Exterior

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If you are adding a sunroom to your home one part of the process is putting siding on it. You may want to match the siding you currently have on your home or make it different to make the sunroom stand out. To help you decide what you would like below are three types of siding you will find available to you.

Vinyl Exterior Siding

Vinyl siding is common, and you will likely find this on many homes in your neighborhood. This is because vinyl siding is made of a durable plastic, so it stands up well over time. Vinyl siding is also low in maintenance. For example, the only maintenance you will have to worry about is cleaning the siding. This is not difficult to do, however. Use a long-handled brush with some soap and water or use a pressure washer. You also have the option of insulated vinyl siding if you want your sunroom to be more energy efficient.

If you don't like the look of vinyl, you will find vinyl siding that imitate other materials. For example, vinyl siding can imitate stone, wood grain, and more. No matter what you choose vinyl siding is lightweight, which makes it quicker to install. This means less labor costs from the contractor you hire to install the vinyl siding for you.

Brick Exterior Siding

Brick siding is also likely seen on many homes in your neighborhood. This is especially true for new homes that are being built. Brick siding is also durable and low in maintenance. The brick also comes in a variety of colors or you can use the natural color. You will not ever have to worry about refinishing the brick or repainting it over time.

Brick also holds up well to high temperatures, rain, snow, etc. Brick also increases the aesthetics of your home which may increase the value of your home. The only drawback to brick is it can be expensive than other options you have.

Fiber Cement Exterior Siding

Another option you have is fiber cement siding. This siding is a great option if you would like wood siding but do not want the expensive of wood. Fiber cement can also imitate other materials. Because of this many people compare fiber cement siding and vinyl siding.

Fiber cement siding is also durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. Like vinyl you will only need to clean the siding periodically. Fiber cement is also resistant to fire, water, and damage from insects.

Talk with a siding company to help you decide the type of siding you would like to put on your new sunroom.