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Renting Crash Tracks: Five Benefits

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Various trucks and machines are likely used by your city each day. Crash trucks are often used in conjunction with those vehicles and machines to keep workmen and passersby safe. Attenuators, informally called "crash cushions", provide a physical barrier which can increase safety in the area. Because of that, your city may be about to purchase several. Why rent instead?

Less Money Spent

Handing over thousands of dollars of city funds for crash trucks seems sensible because of how often they're used. However, when your city makes big purchases like that, it means there's less money for fixing equipment and other needed budget expenditures. 

Renting permits much more freedom regarding spending. Spending less with rentals frees up funds for other equipment and safety measures.

More Trucks Available

Not only will you have to worry less about spending money to use crash trucks, but you will also be able to get more as needed. There may be community events which will mean you need more trucks on-site. The city may not be able to buy more trucks, but renting should be a possibility, especially on short notice.

Better Regulation Compliance

After purchasing equipment, it begins to depreciate and lose value. Crash trucks could also fall out of federal or state compliance. Newer models are updated and new standards are implemented; if you buy trucks today, they could be obsolete in a period of a few years. Renting ensures you're always using the newest models that are in compliance.

Lower Maintenance Costs

You and your city aren't responsible for the tire changes and other maintenance on rented crash trucks. In contrast, owning crash trucks will mean that you must set municipal funds aside for engine problems, brake issues and other truck concerns.

Less Storage Needed

Your city may already have to store multiple vehicles. Don't make the public works department have to find more room to store even more equipment; rent the trucks. Once an event is over or project has been done, the rental company will take the trucks away and you don't have to think about how the vehicles will be stored.

Crash truck rentals benefit your city and make your job simpler. Rental companies, like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc., can assess your vehicle needs and recommend a certain number of trucks. In some cases, they will provide crash truck drivers as well. These benefits should allow you to use the trucks as necessary without negative outcomes.