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What Does An Chimney Repair Company Look When Doing A Chimney Inspection?

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It is recommended that you have a chimney inspection once a year. If you have recently purchased your first home, you may be preparing to have your first chimney inspection done. If you have never had one done before, you may be unsure of what a chimney repair company looks for when conducting their inspection. Here are a few of the things that are looked at and why during a chimney inspection. 

Inspecting the Bricks for Cracks

One of the first things that will happen during a chimney inspection is checking the bricks and your mortar for cracks. Weather elements and age can have an affect on the mortar, mortar joints and bricks. If there are cracks, they may need to be filled or the bricks may need to be removed and replaced. This helps to ensure the structural integrity of your chimney stack.If this is not done, the bricks and mortar can deteriorate to such a point that they are no longer structurally stable. 

Looking at the Crown for Cracks

Another thing that will happen during the inspection is inspecting the crown for cracks. The crown is the cement that is located at the very top of your chimney. The crown helps to keep items out of the chimney that should not be in there, such as rain. If there are cracks, rain can seep in through the cracks and make their way into your chimney. This can cause problems with other parts of the chimney, including the flue. If cracks are noticed, cement crack repair will be done to seal off the cracks. 

Checking the Stability

When inspecting your roof, a chimney contractor will push on your chimney. If you see them doing this, you may wonder why it appears like they are trying to topple it. When they are doing this, they are checking the stability of your chimney. They want to ensure that it does not wobble or move when it is pushed on. If it does, your chimney is structurally unsound and a level two inspection will need to be done to determine why this is and how it should be repaired. 

Looking for Obstructions

The last thing that is done during an annual chimney inspection is looking for obstructions in your chimney. A chimney needs to be cleaned or swept only as needed. During your annual inspection, the repair company will tell you if this is needed based on the amount of soot or possible obstructions they see. 

A chimney inspection, such as by Clean Sweep, helps to ensure that your chimney is structurally sound and that your fireplace is safe to use. If any damage is noted, repairs can be made to correct the problem. Having routine chimney inspections done helps to catch these small problems before they turn into larger ones that can be costly and more extensive to repair.