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3 Things To Consider When Renting Equipment For A Party

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Making the decision to host a holiday party or special event can be exciting, but it also comes with a significant amount of responsibility. In order to ensure that you have access to the equipment required to seat, feed, and entertain your guests, you may want to work with a party rental company.

Here are three things that you should keep in mind as you rent party equipment to ensure your rental experience is a positive one.

1. Ask about delivery options.

Many people get excited about the many types of equipment available through party rental companies, but fail to think about how these items will be transported to the party location. If you don't have access to a pickup truck, you need to ensure that your event rental company is willing to provide for the delivery and pick up of your rented items.

Allowing the event rental company to transport tables, decorations, and other pieces of equipment will also release you from liability for any potential damage that could be incurred during transit.

2. Think about your power needs.

When renting party equipment for your event, you need to determine if any of the items you are renting will need electrical access. Themed parties often rely on popcorn machines, shaved ice machines, and blow-up castles for entertainment.

Since these types of equipment need a lot of electricity to keep them running throughout your event, you need to ensure that your venue is equipped to provide this electrical access. If you are unable to meet the electrical needs of your equipment, you will need to rent alternative equipment to prevent seriously damaging rented party items with improper electrical connections.

3. Bundle your rented items for a discount.

Hosting a large event can be costly, but making the choice to rent all of your equipment and decor from a single vendor could allow you to reduce your party expenses. Be sure that you consider all of your party needs prior to renting.

This means thinking about seating, lighting, entertainment, and dishware that will be needed to keep your guests comfortable and entertained. Rent all of your items from the same vendor to enjoy bundle discounts and make delivery and return a lot easier.

Being able to work with an event rental company will allow your party to run a lot smoother. Be sure that you ask about delivery options, think about your electrical access, and bundle your rented items to enjoy a discount as you plan a large party in the future.