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2 Step Guide To Temporarily Patching A Chip In Your Car's Windshield

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While driving down a gravel road, you may have had a stone fly up and chip your windshield, leaving you to wonder what you can do about it. If so, use the two-step guide below to temporarily patch the chip in your car's windshield until you can have it repaired to keep the cracked glass from growing and letting water inside your vehicle.

Step 1:  Clean the Glass with Alcohol

Before you start patching your windshield, this first step involves cleaning the glass with alcohol to prepare the area. The alcohol will cut through dirt and any oily residue on the windshield, creating a clean surface on which the patch can adhere. Pour a small amount of alcohol into the middle of the chip, then use cotton swabs to gently clean the area inside. Then, dampen another swab with alcohol to clean the area around the chip, extending about a quarter of an inch to an inch.

Do not rub or wipe the damaged area directly, as the damaged glass is fragile and could crack more or break through if you push down on it. Let the glass dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, go on to the next step.

Step 2:  Fill the Chip with Clear Acrylic Nail Polish

Once the area is clean, it is time to fill in the chip. For your filler, use clear acrylic nail polish. The polish can seal and bind the broken glass together. However, it will wear down or fall off within a few days, which is why this is only used as a temporary solution until you can get a professional to repair the glass.

To fill in the hole, use the brush that came with the polish, and apply a thick layer inside the chip. Let it set up for a few minutes, then add more polish until it is level with the top edge of the glass. Pull the last layer of nail polish past the edge to seal the chip. Then, if the chip is not in your direct line of sight, stick a piece of packing tape over the patch for an additional layer of protection.

While this patch can help keep the rain out and keep the chip and cracks from getting bigger, it serves only as a temporary solution until you can get it fixed. Contact and make an appointment with a windshield repair service like Central Glass Company so they can permanently seal the damage and restore the integrity of your glass.