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Design A Premier Backyard Retreat

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Why go on vacation when you can escape to your own backyard? Well, you may still want to fly away to exotic locales, but your backyard can become the center of your mini getaways. The key is to brainstorm all the activities you want to enjoy. For instance, you may want a hot tub and/or swimming pool, or a lawn may be more your speed. Whatever your outdoor living style, though, some landscaping and hardscaping amenities can elevate your backyard to retreat level.

Design the Patio

As the Concrete Network points out, the form of your patio should follow its function. So, how you design the space depends on how you intend to use it. Dining, lounging, and entertaining areas are common for the patio. If you want to cook a lot outdoors, attend more to the kitchen. If lying in the breeze appeals the most to you, create a chill lounge space. The best patio designs include multi-use spaces, such as a dining area that can also be used for entertaining. When it comes to hardscape materials, choose those that best complement your house's façade.

Add a Fire Pit

There's no point in creating a backyard retreat if you're limited in when you can enjoy it. A fire pit provides light and warmth, making it possible to enjoy your backyard well into the night and during the cold months. Fire pits can range from tabletop fire bowls to large bonfire pits. They can be built in or portable. What you choose depends on your space. However, make sure to choose a fire pit that adds adequate light and warmth for your needs. Also, locate it with enough space to allow for comfortable seating around the pit.

Layer the Landscaping

Backyard landscaping should be as practical as it is beautiful. For example, if you need shade in the backyard, consider planting ornamental trees and installing a bench underneath them. You can also use landscaping as a screen, perhaps with leafy bushes between you and the neighbors. Another option is planting useful gardens, such as herbs for cooking or flowers for cutting. Your landscaping can serve all of these purposes as well as create a space for recreation—it's all about the planning.

Include a Water Fountain

A water fountain is a luxury that elevates your backyard to retreat level. Water fountains provide a multi-sensory experience. Not only are they attractive themselves, but they offer the beauty of water and light interplaying. What's more, water fountains provide soothing water music, which can mask street sounds. Choose a fountain that complements your house's façade and patio décor. You can locate it on the patio itself or where it's clearly visible from there. Just make sure the sound of water music is clear wherever you are in the backyard.

Plan your backyard landscaping and hardscaping to create your own personal retreat. For professional assistance, contact a landscaping company like Hufnagel Landscaping Inc.