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Types Of Patio Covers

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When it comes to grilling outdoors there is nothing like throwing some ribs or some chicken on the grill when you are relaxing on your patio. There are many things in life that bring happiness but good bbq and good company on the patio is about as good as it gets. There is a way to make your patio just a little bit more comfortable, and also give your patio and landscape a little bit more character. If you have never thought of a patio cover, it is time that you seriously consider covering your patio. Here are three different styles of patio covers that will give you a little shade while relaxing on the patio.


One of the most fancy ways that you can get a little shade over your patio is by installing a pergola. A pergola is an arch that can contain many different materials but is generally made of wood. The wood is usually cut into fancy patterns, and can give your home a feeling of a Spanish garden or a French courtyard. The pergola can be as big as you want it, or it can just be small enough to give you a little bit of shade. This is a great way to really get the shade that you may be wanting but also give you added character to your backyard.


One of the more inexpensive ways to get the shade that you want is to have a big umbrella installed on your patio. These are nice because they are generally inexpensive yes, but they also have many other benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that you can decide when it is up and when it is put away. You will have complete control over the shade or the sun. An umbrella can also be taken down during heavy windstorms or even lightning storms. So there are a lot of positive benefits of having an umbrella be the method of shade. 


If you are wanting a permanent structure, but do not want the fancy style that pergolas give you, a lattice may be the exact thing for you. A lattice is usually more square and is a more contemporary American type of style. The lattice is a great way to get the shade that you want, without the really fancy style of wood. There are many options to cover your patio, you just need to pick one. 

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