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Does Your Synthetic Grass Need To Be Maintained?

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After installing synthetic grass, some homeowners believes they can simply walk away from it and not worry about it until it is time to replace it. The truth is the grass still requires maintenance. Without the proper care, the grass can start to look ragged and even need to be replaced sooner rather than later. If you are installing synthetic grass on your lawn, here are a few maintenance tips.  

Rinse the Grass

Depending on the area in which you live, dirt can become a problem for the grass. In areas with a high amount of rainfall, the rain will be enough to rinse the grass and keep it from looking dirty. However, if you live in a dusty area that sees little rainfall, you need to make sure the grass is rinsed on a regular basis.  

In most instances, a simple spray with the garden hose is enough to remove the dust from the grass. If the grass also has a buildup of pollen on it, consider using a soapy rinse instead. Simply mixing mild detergent with warm water and rinsing the lawn should be sufficient.  

Use the Right Tools

Even though your lawn has synthetic grass, you still have to worry about other keeping other greenery tamed. For instance, the trees will still drop leaves on the lawn. As with real grass, you have to get the leaves up, or they can cause problems, such as a pest infestation. Since your lawn is synthetic, you have to be careful in which tools you use to maintain it.  

There are some lawn tools that you will not be able to use. Rakes that have metal points can damage the grass. In contrast, a rake that has plastic points can be safely used. You should also consider using a leaf blower to easily move the leaves from one spot to another without damaging your lawn.  

Brush the Lawn

It might seem strange, but you need to periodically brush your lawn. The synthetic grass can appear matted over time as people and pets walk across it. When the grass is matted, it is easier to notice stains and other problems. To keep your grass looking as natural and clean as possible, brush it with a synthetic brush.  

When brushing the lawn, be careful to go against the grain. By doing this, you are basically pushing the grass into a more upright position instead of encouraging it to lie flat. 

For additional information on how to care for your synthetic grass, contact a company like Bourget Bros. Building Materials.