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Picking The Perfect Tent For Your Camping Excursion

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Camping can be a unique experience. With the right equipment, it can also be surprisingly comfortable. A sleeping bag can keep you warm and getting a little foam mat can take care of the uncomfortable ground. One of the most important features is your tent. With the right tent from a tent manufacturer, your camping experience will have even less frustrations.

Double-Walled Or Single-Walled?

The most important characteristic of the tent is whether it is effective at keeping bugs and rain out. If bugs and rain weren't a problem, you could simply sleep in a sleeping bag under the night sky. The tents that are more weather-resistant are double-walled. Single-wall tents combine the tent body and waterproof fly into one body in order to make the tent lighter. However, they might be less effective against protecting you from rain. While double-wall tents might be hotter, there is the option to pitch the double-wall tent without the fly on hotter nights when you do not expect it to rain. Also, tents with large windows and doors have more ventilation and are essential for protecting against the greenhouse effect.

One-Person, Two-Person Or More?

Camping tents will sometimes be marketed as a one-person, two-person or larger tent. However, keep in mind that there is no industry standard for how large a tent for a certain number of people is supposed to be. Most tents are designed to fit snugly in order to minimize the weight of the tent. Therefore, you might want to select a tent that is one person larger than needed in order to make sure that there is adequate space. It is especially important to select a larger tent if those accompanying you often toss and turn, if you are camping with large people, or if you are camping with someone who is claustrophobic. Still, you will appreciate if the tent is light, but tight, when you have to carry it with so much other weight.

Camping Or Backpacking?

Two of the main types of tents are camping and backpacking tents. The camping tent is much more livable. You will have enough space to read, nap and sleep. The camping tents are taller too, so they are easier to sit up.

Three-Season Or four-Season?

If you are planning on camping in the winter, it is a good idea to purchase a four-season tent. These are designed to handle very low temperatures, high winds and snowfall. However, if you never plan on camping in the winter, you may only need a less expensive three-season tent.