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What Can You Do For Your Trees After Bad Weather?

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Bad weather could have a serious impact on the health of your trees. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not discover the damage until it is too late. To help keep your trees in the best condition, here are some tips to follow after certain weather conditions.  

Inspect Your Trees

Before you can start to care for your tree, you need to get an idea of how much damage there is. During the inspection, you need to look for signs of damage, such as split and broken limbs. High winds and heavy snow can lead to these problems.  

Your trees could also show signs of stress from a lack of water if the weather has resulted in a drought. For instance, the tree could have brown leaves, pest infestation, and signs of rot. If so, you need to note the damage.  

Remove Damaged Branches

After assessing the trees, it is time to remove any damaged branches that are attached to the tree. It is important you take safety precautions to protect yourself. Look for downed power lines or branches that could fall and cause an injury or damage.  

When trimming the trees, you will have to cut the larger branches into smaller pieces to remove it safely. Remember that you need clean cuts when trimming the tree. If the cuts are not clean, you can leave openings that could lead to the development of disease later.  

Focus on Improving the Soil Quality

In drought conditions, the lack of water means that your trees are not getting the nourishment they need from the soil. It can take time to build up the quality of the soil. You can help speed up the process by taking steps, such as adding mulch to the area around the trees. The mulch will help to keep the ground beneath cool, which will allow the soil to retain moisture.  

You also need to ensure you are watering the area around the tree on a regular basis. Avoid overwatering the area. Too much water could result in the oxygen supply to the tree being diminished, which could create a host of other problems.  

Caring for trees after bad weather is a challenging task. To make sure your trees are getting the help they need, consult with a tree pruning service. An arborist can assess the trees for damage and recommend a plan to nurse them back to good health. He or she can even advise you on how to prevent damage in the future.