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3 Reasons Why A Ductless Heat Pump Is The Right Choice For Your New Build Home

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Building a new home is exciting, because you get to pick the features and finishes that appeal most to you, rather than accepting something built to someone else's specifications. One of the choices that you get to make is how you plan to heat and cool your home. Instead of going with a traditional central heating unit, you should consider that a ductless heat pump, also known as a mini-split, might be the right choice for your home. Ductless heat pumps can heat and cool the house, so it's an all-purpose solution to your home's temperature needs. Take a look at a few reasons why a ductless heat pump can be a great choice for a new build home.

No Need for Ductwork

Unlike a central heating and air unit, a mini-split system requires no ductwork. That means that there's no need to include ductwork in your plans for your new home. That gives you a great deal of flexibility that you wouldn't otherwise have. Because you won't need to make space for a large central unit and ductwork, you'll have space that you otherwise wouldn't have. Skipping the ductwork can also save you money on your construction costs, as that's work that your builders won't have to do. Installation of a mini-split system is fairly simple compared to installing ductwork throughout the house and should cost less.

What's more, you'll be at less risk of an air or water leaks. Often, it's ducts that run through the attic or air conditioner vents in the roof that allow air conditioned air to escape, raising your energy costs. And when it comes to the vents in the roof, those are often the points that allow water to leak in as well. Generally, the fewer things you have penetrating the roof, the better for preventing leaks. Skipping the ductwork means lowering your chances of a leak.

Better Air Quality

If you have allergies or asthma, one advantage of moving into a new home is that you don't have to worry about moving into a house that has years of second-hand smoke or cat dander imbedded into the carpet and walls. You have good air quality right from the start. A ductless heating pump can help you maintain that good air quality after you move in.

In a traditional central air conditioning system, pollen and dust can build up inside the ductwork and blow out into the air when you turn on the heat or the air conditioning. Your filters will prevent some of it from entering the air but not all. However, with no ducts, there's no place for dust and pollen to build up. You'll continue to breathe easily in your home long after you move in.

Greater Energy Efficiency

When you build a new home, it only makes sense to plan the home with the greatest energy efficiency possible in mind. After all, you're spending a lot of money on the home itself – why not save some on the utilities? Heating and cooling systems with ducts can lose energy inside the ducts – as much as 30% of energy consumption in space conditioned areas can be chalked up to duct losses. Ductless systems don't have those losses, which means that more of the energy used is spent on heating and cooling the home, not getting lost in the ducts.

What's more, mini-split systems allow you to divide your house into zones – upstairs and downstairs, for example – and each zone can control their own heating and air conditioning separately. That means you only have to pay to heat or cool the rooms that you're actually using. If no one is going to be downstairs all night, you can simply turn off the heat or air conditioning in that zone until morning, while still maintaining a comfortable temperature upstairs.

Building a new home means that you're not limited by the choices of previous owners, so don't limit yourself either. A ductless heat pump may just be the right choice for your new home. For more information, contact a company like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc.