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Craftsman Window Replacement: Double Hung, Fixed Pane, Or Single Hung Windows?

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When it comes time to replace the windows in your old craftsman house, you want to stay as true to the original character as possible. Therefore, you'll likely try to find windows that mimic the style of the character windows you are trying to replace. As you shop, you might wonder why some windows with the slide-up design are more expensive than others. One of the big determiners of cost is whether the window is double or single hung. Several craftsman houses also have fixed panes with leaded glass or grills. What's the difference between these styles and which one is the best choice for replacement?

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are among the simplest window designs. They feature two panels that are stacked vertically. To open the window, your slide the bottom panel up, which allows the window to stand open. The benefits of single hung windows is that they are often similar in design to older windows -- single hung windows are common in original craftsman houses. Also, these windows are generally less expensive than other window types.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows look similar to single hung windows; they still feature the slide up and down design. However, double hung windows not only allow the bottom pane to slide up, but they also allow the top portion of the window to slide down. There are several advantages to this design, including

  • easier cleaning. Cleaning the exterior of your windows can be simple with double hung designs, because you can slide each panel over the other, allowing to reach outside and clean both panels. With single hung, you'd have to go outside to clean the fixed panel of the upper half of the window. 
  • slightly better air circulation. Since hot air rises, letting hot air out of the house is easier with an window that is open at the top instead of the bottom. 
  • safety. Since craftsman windows are often tall and extend close to the floor, toddler and children have easy access to an open window. Screens can break and a child can fall out of a window that is open at the bottom. Opening at the top allows for better safety in general. 

Double hung windows are more expensive simply because they are more popular and have a more complex design, although many factors, like material and color, go into overall window cost. You could save money on your window replacement job by putting double hung windows where they matter most, such as the kitchen or front room, where better air circulation is needed, or in a child's room for increased safety. Use single hung windows in other areas.

Fixed Pane Windows

Your unique Craftsman house has character in unique sliding windows that are generally simple to replacement, but some homes also have fixed pane windows that are beautifully shaped and designed. These windows could be round, have diamond shaped grills, or unique stained glass designs. Can these be replaced without removing a portion of the home's charm?

For stained glass, it's best to leave the window to a trained professional. An additional pane could be installed on either side of the design to improve the weather-proofing, and the casing can be repaired while leaving the original glass design. Custom windows that have unique leading can also be preserved this was. For fixed panes that have no leading, it's best to replace the window with one that is built custom for the space. Old windows can really hurt your utility bills, so spending extra on custom fittings is worth it in the end. 

If you have a fixed pane window that your would like to see open, this could also potentially be a possibility. Just remember that the window opening may need to be widened to fit a window that can open easily, changing the exterior look of your home.

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