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4 Types Of Magnetic Kitchen Accessories To Help You Stay Organized

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In the kitchen, one of the main areas where you'll find magnets is the refrigerator. This is a great way to organize papers, food menus, and important notes, but it is not the only place where you can use magnets in the kitchen. Adding more magnetic areas in your kitchen makes it easy to stay organized and provides a quick way to retrieve items for your home. If you're looking for an efficient way to organize kitchen items, then consider the following four magnetic accessories. Each one can be installed in a different section of the kitchen to help improve the flow.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Instead of tossing knives and other metal kitchen utensils in random drawers, you can keep them easily organized with a magnetic knife strip. These strips can be mounted on a wall right above your food preparation area. The knives attach to the magnetic strip by the blade and the handle is left hanging down. This makes it easy to reach up, grab the knife that you need and instantly start using it for cooking. Purchase a knife strip that is long enough to hold a majority of your kitchen cutting tools. You could even place two strips on the same wall so that you can keep the knives a little more spread out without overcrowding the magnetic strip.

Magnetic Wood Trivets

When serving a hot pot of food, it's not a good idea to place it directly on a surface like a table or counter. Instead, you can purchase a wooden trivet. A trivet helps protect areas from heat and provides a stable section for the pot to stay on. Add more safety to your hot cooking pots by purchasing a magnetic wood trivet. Multiple magnets are placed in the middle of the trivet and are not visible to the naked eye. When the pot is placed on the trivet it can lock into place. This can help prevent spills or the pot getting moved around too much. These magnetic wood trivets are a great accessory for larger gatherings. When a lot of people are getting food from the pot, you can ensure that it stays in place thanks to the magnetic technology.

Magnetic Sink Accessories

Help improve the way you do dishes by purchasing magnetic sink accessories. These accessories can stick right to the inside of a sink and provide you with an easy way to organize sponges and other supplies. For example, you can purchase a magnetic sponge holder and a magnetic soap holder. Both of these accessories can keep items elevated instead of having them always sit on the bottom of the sink. It allows the items to easily dry out after the dishes have been completed. A small magnetic utensil holder is also ideal for kitchen sinks. It's a great way to wash and dry forks, spoons, or butter knives.

Magnetic Kitchen Towels

When preparing food or cleaning up slight messes, a kitchen towel is essential. When a kitchen towel has been used but is still good, you do not want to put it back into a drawer or just leave it lying on a counter. Instead, you can hang it up when the towel features magnetic components to it. Magnetic kitchen towels typically feature small magnets embedded into the corner of the towel. This makes it easy to place the towel on any stainless steel appliance. You can hang it from the fridge, microwave, oven, or anywhere else that's convenient. Some towels are thicker and double as oven mitts. This makes it easy to grab the towel when pulling out hot pans or casserole dishes.

Plan out your kitchen design to see the best ways you can implement magnetic technology. Each accessory is easy to add to most kitchen layouts. Check out a company like Central Plumbing Specialties to look for kitchen accessories like the ones discussed in this piece.