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2 Reasons To Consider Portable Toilets For Your Remote Work Site

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One of the hardest parts about having your company performing services in remote areas is that it can be very difficult to get basic necessities and services, which is particularly true for basic plumbing such as toilets. Listed below are two reasons to consider utilizing portable toilets for your remote work site.

Easily Moved

One reason to consider portable toilets is if your work site is only temporary. This is a common issue with mining, oil, or logging camps that frequently move around to new work sites in order to maximize yield and profitability.

However, this can result in a lot of work and wasted money if a lot of permanent structures were placed at the last work site, which is why most temporary work sites consist of trailers and tents for storage, cooking, and sleeping accommodations. In that situation, portable toilets are ideal because they can simply be emptied and placed on a truck or trailer and easily transported to the new work site.

This is even easier if you are renting the portable toilets for your remote work site. The reason for this is that when you rent the equipment you will not have to empty and move the toilets to the new work site, you can simply notify the rental company and they will handle the move for you.

Emergency Backup

Finally, a portable toilet is a great option if your remote work site ends up having plumbing issues, such as a damaged septic tank or clogged sewer pipes. This can be a major problem in a remote work site as it can take a while for a plumber to get out to your location and start the repair work.

In addition, if your site is remote enough, the time it takes to perform the repairs can also be quite lengthy due to how long it will take to get replacement parts and equipment out there.However, in that situation, you can contact a portable toilet dealer or rental company to have a backup portable toilet or toilets delivered to help you and your employees out until the repairs on the plumbing or tank are complete.

Contact a portable toilet dealer or rental service today in order to discuss how these toilets may benefit you and your employees at a remote work site. These toilets are useful for remote sites as they can be easily moved among multiple work sites while also being useful as an emergency backup.