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Fancying A Fence? 3 Unique Fencing Materials To Consider For Your Backyard

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From patios and decks to swimming pools and outdoor kitchens, outdoor living is an important part of your home's value, appeal, and function. In addition to these outdoor improvements, a fence around your backyard is also beneficial. Of course, deciding to install a fence is not your only decision. Considering there are numerous fencing materials on the market, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Wood, vinyl, and chain link are all great options to consider, but you may prefer something a bit more unique. Using this guide on unique fencing materials, you can have a personalized, customized, and appealing backyard fence.


Proper landscape design is also a great way to increase your home's value and appeal, but certain plants can become privacy fencing. If privacy is your main concern, consider planting the following trees around the perimeter of your backyard:

  • Holly – The classic look of the holly tree will never go out of style. In addition, the color of the holly leaves remain dark green all year long, ensuring your privacy trees are appealing and functional.
  • Arborvitae – For privacy landscaping that can grow between 40 to 60 feet high, consider planting the eastern arborvitae around your backyard. Also known as the eastern white cedar tree, a line of these trees makes a great statement around your yard.

Use pruning shears to shape the trees in custom designs, enhancing your backyard's look and home value.


While shocking to learn, Americans produced 254 million tons of trash in 2013 alone and a large portion of this waste could have been reused and recycled. Reducing this waste is beneficial to the environment, and upcycling certain items into things for your home is smart for your own finances and home appeal. Here are a few unique items that you can upcycle into fencing materials for your backyard:

  • Doors – Visit salvage yards and landfills to collect old doors. Front and back doors, antique doors, barn doors, and even old gates can be arranged as a unique fence around your backyard.
  • Windows – Use window frames and panes to create a modern fence design. While the glass panes will decrease your backyard privacy, the window frames can create a functional enclosure for children and pets. Paint the frames in bright colors for a vibrant fence around your backyard.
  • Old Fences – Many home and business owners will need to replace or repair one or more sections of fencing, so gather their old fencing materials to create a new fence around your own backyard.

By connecting old fencing materials, doors, and windows to posts cemented in your yard, you can have a unique, secure, and eco-friendly fence around your home's backyard. 

Stone Works

Retaining walls, fire pits, walkways, and rock gardens are all appealing additions to your landscape, but using stone as your fencing material is also possible. Fortunately, you do not need to use genuine stone or rock, since manufacturers now offer a faux stone material for fencing purposes.

Constructed out of a polyurethane material and secured to posts, faux stone panels create a sturdy, durable, and elegant look for your fence. While they appear to be an elaborate design of stone and mortar, faux stone panels are easier to install and much less expensive. Thankfully, the panels are available in a variety of designs and color choices, so finding an option suited to your personality and home's style is easy.

The faux stone panels add value, style, security, and privacy to your backyard, ensuring your children and pets are enclosed and safe.

Fencing your backyard is an excellent addition for home value, appeal, privacy, and security, but the various options can be overwhelming. To achieve these benefits, consider one of these unique fencing materials. For more info, contact a company like Harrington & Company.