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3 Considerations To Make Sure Your Locks Are As Safe As Possible

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If you are concerned about the security of your home and your most precious belongings, then it is in your best interest to contact a locksmith to have your locks changed to the most secure varieties possible. However, a simple lock change does not guarantee security. To make sure that lock changes help to make your home as safe as possible, consider the following things as well.

Invest in a Solid Door

If you ask a locksmith to add steel core double cylinder locks to your front door, then it is highly unlikely that a burglar will be able to use drill tools to break through the lock. However, if your door is hollow and made from either aluminum, veneer, or a composite wood material, then the door can be kicked in without the need to break the lock. This cannot happen if you have a solid door though. Solid wood doors, fiberglass, or aluminum doors with a solid wood core are resistant to break-ins. The most secure door is one that is made out of solid steel. For even better protection, make sure the door is reinforced in the center and contains a lock block. The lock block is a reinforced area of the door along the edge that keeps a burglar from using a crowbar or other tool to bend the door open.

Also, think about purchasing doors without any windows. If you do want to go for doors that contain glass, make sure the glass is either heat strengthened or tempered. You can also add some steel reinforcing bars to the windows. 

Consider Your Windows

Your locksmith may inform you that a deadbolt lock is your best option to keep your home safe, and the professional will likely inform you that an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade one lock is the most secure option. However, if the deadbolt is placed near a window, then a burglar can break the window and reach in to disengage the lock. If you still want to add a deadbolt, then consider asking your locksmith to place it near the bottom of the door where it cannot be reached easily.

Also, you can consider a double cylinder locking system that features a deadbolt and a handle-set lock. While the handle-set lock will add security even if a deadbolt can be reached, you should know that these locks are considered medium security devices according to the ANSI scale. To boost security, think about investing in a lock that is difficult to pick. Locks with magnetic sliders and laser keys, rotating disc tumbler locks, and locks with bends or U-shaped keys are good choices. 

Think About Technology

Most people have smart phones and applications that help them with a wide variety of daily tasks. Some applications actually help to make homeowners more safe, while others allow individuals to access thermostats, electrical lighting systems, and heaters in the home. Now homeowners can purchase smart locks too. These locks are often keyless and allow digital keys to open doors through bluetooth phone settings. Digital keys can be added onto the phones of your family members, and you can even set keys to expire after a certain number of days. Some technologically advanced locks tell you when the lock is activated and who entered the home, while others have small video cameras that upload pictures to your cell. 

Smart locks are typically more expensive than normal lock varieties, but they do offer advanced features that are ideal if you work long hours or take multiple trips throughout the year. Ask your locksmith about these locks or pick one up at your local electronics store and hire the professional to install it for you.

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