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Four Ways To Beat The Heat With Home Improvements That Reduce Energy Costs

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If you want to beat the heat and save money, there are some home improvements that can help you get more energy savings and keep your home cool. This can be things like roof coatings to reflect heat, adding insulation to reduce air leaks and adding window treatments that provide thermal barriers. Here are some home improvements that can be done to help you beat the heat and reduce your energy costs:

1. Installing A Cool Roof Coating To Reflect Heat

Cool roofs are light colored roofs that reflect sunlight. These roofs can be made with roofing materials that are already a light color like white or they can be painted on existing roofs. Adding a roof coating to your roof can also help you to get more life out of your asphalt shingles. The white coating will reflect heat and give your roof a protective coat.

2. Adding Insulation To Areas That Leak Air

There are also areas of your home that can leak air. During the winter months this can create cold drafts. In the summer months the leaks can cause heat gain because of the hot air that gets in your home. You can add insulation to places like walls in unfinished areas of your home, as well as the attic and in between windows and doors.

3. Adding Awnings And Shutters To Block Sunlight

Awnings and shutters can be a great way to improve energy efficiency during warm days. They can block direct sunlight that comes in through windows and help to reduce heat gain that is caused by direct sunlight. You may want to use retractable awnings that can allow sunlight in during the winter months when you want to have more passive heating in your home.

4. Adding Interior Window Treatments To Improve Insulation

Interior window treatments can also help to reduce energy loss in your home. You may want to use thick curtains that help to add insulation to your windows. In addition to the curtains, you can also use thermal blinds that are designed to fit tightly in window openings and provide your home with more insulation.

These are some home improvements that can be done to help you stay cool without spending too much on your air conditioning. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact a general contractor like Suburban Construction Inc to talk with them about some of the improvements you want done to your home.