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4 Warning Signs Of A Weak Roof

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Your roof is the overhead support of your house. Without your roof, you would be subject to all sorts of natural maladies. Everything from strong weather to bugs to debris and foliage could make a destructive mess of your house if it were not for your roof! Thankfully, your roof is there, above head, doing its job well. Or is it? It could be the case that you have a weak roof, and that any moment, it could suffer from anything from a leak to that most dreaded of roof problems: total collapse. This brief article will go over 4 warning signs that roof may not be as strong as you think it is.


It is important to go over your roof's integrity several times a year. Leaking is one of the biggest problems, as well as most common problems, associated with roofs. Leaking can be indicative of everything from a small problem having to do with caulking to a sign of the ever-dreaded fear of collapse. If you see any signs of leaking, you should probably contact a professional as soon as you possibly can. If you see any water damage in your drywall or on your ceiling, there is a very good chance that you are suffering from a leaky roof.

Arcing Support Structures

The support structures that essentially "carry" your roof are integral items such as support beams and rafters. It is recommended that you keep a close eye on these at all times. If you see a buckling support beam or a rafter that is giving out under the weight of the roof, evacuate the house immediately. Not only is this indicative of a failing roof, which is dangerous enough, it could be indicative of the fact that the entire support structure of the house is at risk of failing. There are numerous reasons for arcing support structures, which range from reasons as disparate as termites or other infestations, water damage, or damaged beams.

Bowed Ventilation Pipes

The ventilation pipes that extend from your plumbing system often exit the house through the roof. Keep on eye on these pipes, and notice if they ever start to appear to be bowing. If you see this phenomenon occurring call a professional immediately. Sometimes an unskilled construction worker will actually use these ventilation pipes to support the weight of the roof. This is not what the pipes are made for, and if the pipes were used to support the weight of the roof, the roof will inevitably collapse. Make sure that the ventilation pipes are using the roof as an exit only and not supporting its weight.

Warped Door Frames

Although it may seem odd, warped doorframes are a sign of a weakened roof. When the roof begins to shift and its weight begins to be too much for your home to handle, the doorframes will actually begin to be crushed under the weight of the roof. This will be a very subtle effect, at first, with the doorframes simply warping and bowing outward. Doors (and windows, as well) will become increasingly difficult to open as the weight bores down upon the frame, which is not meant to handle the weight of a roof. Eventually, the molding will crack and splinter and may become completely loose from the doorframe itself.

If you are experiencing the signs of a weakened roof, it is best to leave the residence immediately. From there, call a professional to address the situation as soon as they possibly can. A collapsing roof is no laughing matter, and hopefully this article has given you some insight into the signs of when you may be experiencing one.

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