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5 Animal-Themed Decorations Ideal For French Doors

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Installing new French patio doors to your home adds elegance, natural sunlight, and easy access to the exterior. When you are installing the doors, there are many custom options you can choose that will appeal to your personal interests. If you're an animal lover, there are ways to infuse your love of animals with a patio door installation.

The following five decoration ideas can be blended seamlessly into your patio door setup and create a nice animal theme for your home.

Stained Glass Decorations

Showcase beautiful animal art in the window panels of your French patio doors. Stained glass decorations feature multiple colors, designs, and can be found with dozens of different animals. The small piece of stained glass will stick to the glass using a small suction cup. When pressed against the glass, the design can be seen through both sides of the doors.

As sunlight hits the decorations, the rays are transformed into various colors and stream into your home. Along with single animal designs like zebras, elephants, and lions, you can find collages of animals on stained glass like a collection of birds or farm animals.

Lever Styled Door Handles

Add an elegant touch to your patio doors by having a contractor install custom handles with a animal design on them. The brass handles are sturdy, rustic, and can feature a number of long animal designs.

  • Snakes: A long body of a snake is easily crafted into an elegant door handle. The tail of the snake curls into the end of the knob for people to easily grab and pull open the door.
  • Dragons: Add a medieval touch to your home with a dragon door handle design. Just like the snake, the tail of the dragon design extends out to represent the full handle.
  • Sea Animals: Find door handles that are crafted in the shape of sea creatures like whales, shark, octopus, and squid.

Wind Chimes

The French patio doors that you have can be even more in touch with the exterior of your home by installing wind chimes. The wind chimes will not only naturally blow in the wind, but they will make sounds to indicate when someone is entering or exiting the home through the doors.

A lot of bird-styled wind chimes are available. Theme chimes feature small bird decorations that will swing and move freely against the wind. Another design option is a bamboo wind chime. These designs can feature animals like panda bears and koalas. Instead of the standard steel chimes, the parts will blow and hit against stalks of hollow bamboo.

Door Hinges

Add a subtle animal design to your French patio doors by choosing hinges in the shape of various animals. By working with your contractor, they can install the hinges with the door so you do not have to do any additional work or measurements.

The flat shape of the hinges is ideal for silhouettes of animals. This can include shapes like whales, cats, dogs, or jungle creatures like a lion. Hinges come in a lot of different sizes, so it's important to consult with contractors to see what is compatible with the doors that you choose.


Dressing your door is ideal for climate management, privacy, and decoration purposes. When choosing curtains for your French doors, it's easy to apply animal themes. This is typically split up into two different categories. The first is animal print. Curtains can be installed with zebra print, tiger striped, or even dalmatian spots.

The second design option is an animal pattern. This can include animal body shapes, footprints, or large collages. For example, a jungle collage curtain may feature scenes from the jungle with a variety of animals mixed into the pattern.

Communicate all your design ideas with the contractor to make the decorations and upgrades as easy as possible.