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4 Reasons To Use Turf At Home In Place Of Real Grass

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A lawn makes your yard look nice and gives your family and pets a soft surface to play on. But, not every home and personal situation allows for an opportunity to have a real lawn. Here are four reasons you can use turf in and around your home in place of real grass

Real Lawn Requires a Lot of Water

If your home has a large lawn and you are fortunate to live in a cooler climate, you can water your lawn whenever you need to. Many city governments in arid and desert climates have found it necessary to limit the watering of your lawn. When you cannot grow a real lawn because of water issues, then you can lay some artificial turf for your kids and pets to play on.

It has been estimated that Lake Mead, which provides water to Las Vegas, could run dry by the year 2021. Because of this, the Las Vegas Valley Water District has strict limitations about how much lawn you can have growing in your yard. 

In Las Vegas and other similarly dry regions, growing real lawn in your yard is not possible, so you have to improvise with other surfaces. Artificial turf is soft and realistic looking, so you may not be able to tell it is artificial. 

Real Lawn Requires a Lot of Maintenance

Life can get busy, especially when you have a job, a family, kids' activities, and yard work. When you have a real lawn, you will need to mow and edge it once a week, water it every few days, and fertilize it and pull weeds. If you are a single parent, your time is even more limited. You may not want to hire a lawn care service because of the cost. Artificial turf provides a way for your yard to be green and soft, but without the work and expense.

Artificial turf is spread over the bare dirt of your yard like carpeting, stretched to make it flat, and attached to the soil with long landscape staples. The bottom layer of turf has a weed barrier to keep the weeds down in your yard, which  eliminates the need to pull weeds.

Your Home Does Not Have a Yard

Not everyone lives in a home that has a landscaped yard, or even a space for a yard. Many apartment communities or high rise condominiums do not have a garden space for each resident. 

With 35 million Americans living in an apartment, many don't have the opportunity for a grassy yard. But, if you live in an apartment with a patio or balcony, you can spread down some artificial turf. This will instantly turn your hard cement patio into a lush, green outdoor space. Using artificial turf as a rug will give you and your pets the grassy outdoor feel when you are several stories up.

You Want to Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you are living in a high-rise condominium or an apartment that does not have a private balcony or patio, you can use turf inside your home and bring the outdoors inside. You can use artificial turf replacement to carpet a room, or as a partial room area rug. You can upholster some furniture or throw pillows with artificial turf. 

With the versatility of artificial turf, using a staple gun and a length of turf, you can cover an accent wall in one room of your home. Then, you can decorate that wall by attaching outdoor items such as colorful outdoor tools, butterflies, and flowers.

Despite not having the time, money, or space for a real lawn, you can still have an attractive-looking artificially turfed yard.