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Floors Looking Dull? It Could Be Time For A Professional Cleaning

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There may be more to your floor than meets the eye: sealed and waxed floors that have lost their shine due to foot traffic may also have lost their protective qualities. If you want to get your floor looking its best again and keep it protected from damaging moisture and dirt, it may be time to hire a professional cleaning company.

Knowing The Vulnerabilities Of Hardwood

The shine on a hardwood floor comes partially from the smoothness of the wood, but mostly from the sealant and wax that have been applied to protect it from water and dirt. As people walk over heavily trafficked areas, they wear away this shine and the floor can become scuffed and dull. This is a sign that the wax and sealant have worn off, exposing your wood to all sorts of damaging contaminants.

Wood floors are also easy to damage through improper cleaning techniques. Scrubbing a hardwood floor with abrasives, for example, will remove its finish and possibly even leave scratches behind. Even if you mop with the right cleaning agents, using a little too much at a time can cause the wood to warp or rot due to too much moisture remaining in the planks.

Professional cleaners offer you a way to get your floors back to their original glory without risking accidental damage. Each cleaner is trained to handle different flooring types and have specialized equipment to get your floors spotless without disturbing the wood's finish. Cleaning companies may also offer to refinish and wax your floors for you, protecting them from dirt and water for up to several years depending on foot traffic.

Cleaning Limestone And Its Derivatives

While limestone is one of the most traditionally beautiful flooring options, it's also one of the most sensitive. When the seal on your limestone floor is rubbed away by heavy traffic, it can become highly susceptible to water damage and discoloration. This is an especially common problem with doorways, which are often traveled and also common places for water to pool up.  Even without water damage, limestone loses its shine after foot traffic rubs away the original polished smoothness of the stone.

Like wood, limestone is also susceptible to nicks and scratches during cleaning if you use abrasive agents. It's recommended that you dry mop limestone whenever possible and damp mop when necessary, but as the finish on your floors degrades, even this occasional damp mopping may hurt your floors. Hard water, which contains minerals like calcium, can also cause a buildup of hard-to-remove residue if you use it to clean your limestone floors.

Professional cleaners not only have the expertise and equipment needed to get your floors spotless again, but they may be able to offer you options to protect your flooring in the future. After your limestone is buffed to its best shine, you can choose to have it sealed and waxed as well, just like hardwood.

Protecting Your Ceramic Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are virtually impervious to stains and ground-in dirt, which makes them ideal for a low-maintenance approach to floor care. However, unglazed tiles are highly porous and must be cleaned frequently to keep stains and dirt at bay. For both types of tile, the grout is especially vulnerable to stains due to its extreme porousness. For glazed tiles, dirt and other materials that slide right off of the tile may still stick in the grout and stain it even worse than with unglazed tiles.

To keep grout looking its best, it should be professionally cleaned regularly. Unglazed tiles need to be stripped and resealed once a year anyway, so this is a perfect time to schedule your grout cleaning. For glazed tiles, you can simple schedule as needed, or ask the cleaning company for informed advice on when you should have your next cleaning. Depending on the grout material, you may even be able to have it sealed along with the tiles for added protection.

Depending on your floor material, professional cleaning may not be necessary every year. However, if you can see dull patches, scratches, or stained grout on your flooring, it might be time to give a floor cleaning service a call and get your floor looking top-notch again.