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3 Ways To Advertise With Your Commercial Roof

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You have to consider a lot of factors when it's time to replace your commercial roof. What type of roof will work best with your air conditioning unit, or any other rooftop equipment you might have? What type of roof will help save you money on your energy bills? Now, there's something else to consider – which type of roof will best help you advertise your business? Your roof may be more valuable as advertising space than you think. Take a look at three types of roofs that can be used to grab the attention of potential customers and clients.

Standing Seam Roof For Signs

Traditional signage may not seem like much of an innovation, but it's remarkably effective at drawing in foot traffic. If a standard sign bores you, get creative by using advertising balloons or statues. Either way, the effect is the same – it draws the attention of passers-by. A rooftop sign may not do much good on a high rise building, but if you have a one or two story building, attaching a sign to the roof can work as well as any parking lot or window sign. In fact, a rooftop sign may be more effective, since you have the space to put up a billboard sized sign or create a whole display.

So what kind of roof works best if you plan to use that space for signage? A metal standing seam roof is probably your best bet. The rigid metal seams found on this type of roof are just right for attaching clamps and mounts for your advertising gear, as well as any other equipment that you need to place on the roof. Because signs and other advertising materials can be attached to the seams without penetrating the roof, you're less likely to experience problems with leaks due to your rooftop advertisements.

Flat Roof For Aerial Advertising

Would you like to market your business to air travelers, or stand out when your street is searched on online map programs? If so, then you need to look into aerial advertising. The idea is simple – paint your company's name, logo, or message on the roof of the building. Make it large enough that it will be visible to airplane passengers and will show up in an aerial photograph. This advertising plan is for businesses that are in it for the long haul – online map photos aren't updated all that often, and you're not likely to draw in a lot of foot traffic this way. Still, some estimates suggest that you may get over 2 million views a year from air travelers alone.

For a good photo op, you'll want the advertising artwork on your roof to look polished, and that means that you need a flat roof. There are several types of flat roofs that you can choose from. Concrete is always an option, and it makes a good canvas for rooftop advertisements. However, depending on your climate, a membrane roof made from thermoplastic or thermoset materials might be better.

Green Roof For Word Of Mouth

What if your roof was interesting enough to get everyone talking about your building – and by extension, your business – even without any traditional advertising? You may want to consider going for a green roof, especially if your company wants to project an eco-friendly image. A roof that's full of greenery is simply more noticeable than a plain flat or metal roof, and people talk about noticeable things. Being the topic of conversation in a positive way is one of the best types of advertising that any company can ask for.

Get creative with your green roof design. Plant an attention-grabbing arrangement of brightly colored flowers or start an employee vegetable farm co-op on the roof. Consider placing benches on the roof and allowing employees to use the area for lunch and breaks, or open it up to the public if the space is big enough. Use your roof to make your building into a landmark, and you'll attract attention – and business – just for being there.

When it comes to advertising, you have to take the opportunities as they present themselves. A new roof can be a great advertising opportunity with a little creativity. Talk to your commercial roofing contractor about installing a roof that will help you advertise your business.